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The True Story

The start of it all

        So like I said in the beginning I was adopted when I was three years old I had 3 foster places then I had 5 foster family. My adoption was a closed adoption my birth father an mother did drugs so they were unable to take care of me. So my parent were very careful about my brother an mine picture in the newspapers or anywhere. My mom said it was pretty hard since I did a lot of volunteer work in elementary school has well has middle an high school.  

      I remember elementary school was hard for due to the fact I had a hard time reading an writing I couldn't spell. Well later in high school I was diagnosed with phonetic disorder. I remember the names I was called back then. It was so hard but I made it through with my head held high. 

    I remember middle school I found a call Circle of friends which is eating lunch with someone who had a disability like they are in a wheel car etc. It helped me understand they just because someone is a little bit different doesn't make them any less human.

   Then high school I learned so much I won't be able to get tell you all here but I i will sum it up it. High school has shown me that kindness goes all way.